Stations cover

Stations of the Cross

Woodcut Images by Margaret Adams Parker

 Permission for One-Time Use  

    During the COVID-19 pandemic, fees for one-time use are suspended.  

   Contact info@margaretadamsparker.com to receive a free download of
   either the PowerPoint or PDF-booklet version of the Stations. 
   Please note that all other instructions/restrictions for one-time use still apply.

      Permission for one-time use of the Stations of the Cross woodcut images, copyright Margaret Adams Parker:


·        Reproduction of Woodcut Images for Projection                                  $150


Permission to project the complete set and to print in hard copy one image (for a bulletin, program cover, or poster).  The Stations reproductions will be available in PowerPoint format; permission is given to download one image from the PowerPoint to reproduce in hard copy for publicity purposes. Hard copy must include this attribution: 


Stations of the Cross, woodcut prints by Margaret Adams Parker, are reproduced in Praying the Stations of the Cross – Finding Hope in a Weary Land, Parker & Sonderegger, Eerdmans 2019. Parker’s copyright of these images is registered with the United States Copyright Office. Please contact the artist for permission to use these images: info@margaretadamsparker.com.


·        Reproduction of Woodcut Images for Hard Copy                                 $350


Permission to print up to 500 copies of the complete set of Stations from a PDF file, sized for a double-fold booklet, 8.5" x 5.5". The Stations reproductions will available as a PDF file for printing.

Fees for one-time use may subsequently be applied in full to the purchase of reproductions. Financial underwriting is available in cases where the fee for one-time use is a financial hardship.


Terms of Use

·         Reproduction of woodcut images, for both projection and hardcopy use, is permitted for study and worship, by study and worship participants, and is not granted for wider distribution. 

·        Images may be cropped up to 10% for projection or printing, but no other alternations are permitted.

Directions for Ordering

Email info@margaretadamsparker.com for your invoice.  Upon receipt of your payment (through PayPal) you will receive either the PowerPoint or PDF files by return email.